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  • Coffee and tea set
  • Coffee and tea set
  • Coffee and tea set
  • Coffee and tea set
  • Coffee and tea set
Coffee And Tea Set
  • Baihua
  • Liling,Hunan
  • 45 days
  • 1200000pcs

Ceramic cup can fit for the FDA , SGS, California ,Microwave , Dishwasher etc test . It can be used for promotional products , the price will be competitive and can be any design and any color and any size which you like . We can do many process on the ceramic mugs , such as glaze,decal,silk-screen,embossed and so on .

The coffee/tea set is made of ceramic material and has a beautiful appearance; it is

resistant to high temperatures, no odor, and safe and hygienic.
Simple and comfortable lines, fresh and elegant shape design, coffee cup cup mouth

 and inner wall have been treated with technology to make the touch more comfortable

 and smooth. The cups are carefully polished, do not hurt the hands, and are not easy to

 slip, reflecting our pursuit of quality.

Coffee and tea set

The tea set has a fine and smooth texture, and the cup shape is slender and elegant, and

the color is rich, making the drinking water more fashionable. The cup is smooth and the

mouth is easy to clean and keep it healthy. The cup is designed with humanity, comfortable

feel, beautiful arc, and quietly experience this wonderful afternoon tea time.

Coffee and tea set

Coffee/tea sets come in a variety of colors, with fresh and healthy greens, youthful pinks,

calm and free blues, simple and flawless greys and more. Different colors, different coffee

cups, in the leisurely afternoon, come to a cup of coffee to enjoy the afternoon tea time,

and the melody that recalls the memories.

Coffee and tea set

After a break, drink a cup of hot water, a cup of hot coffee, a cup of tea, and start from the

 cup every day

Coffee and tea set

The combination of cups and saucers makes it easier to use. The cup is suitable for tea,

juice, milk, coffee, and a dessert. The tea set can also be used in a microwave, dishwasher

 or refrigerator.

Coffee and tea set

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