Ceramic pot use precautions and maintenance methods


    As people's living standards improve, ceramic pots are also used in kitchen soups. For the newly purchased ceramic pot, what should we pay attention to when using it? How to maintain the ceramic pot? Today, Xiaobian talks about the use of ceramic pots and maintenance methods, I hope to help everyone.

  Ceramic pot use precautions

  The newly purchased ceramic pot is also a bit more elaborate when used for the first time, so that the ceramic pot can be used healthily. There are some pores on the inner wall of the ceramic pot, so the pot is filled with water, then placed for 3 to 5 minutes, then the ceramic pot is washed and dried for use. It should be noted that the soaking time should not be too long. 

  If you find that the newly purchased cooking pot has a lot of gravel on the inner wall of the ceramic pot, you need to brush it off with a small brush. When using the ceramic pot for the first time, it is best to use it to cook porridge or boil the concentrated rice water. You can also cook the noodle soup, which can block the pores of the ceramic pot to seep through the water, and there will be no squeaking when the water is boiled later.

  In the usual use process, first put the water in the ceramic pot and then put the ceramic pot on the fire to heat, first use the fire and then use the fire, otherwise it is easy to burst. Ceramic pot porridge soup can be used, it can not be used for cooking, otherwise the pot body is easy to burst.

  Use a ceramic pot that should be handled gently to avoid collisions and damage the ceramic pot. In addition, home maintenance work should be done. Ceramic pots should not store alcohol, vinegar, acidic drinks and food to prevent erosion of the inner wall. When cleaning ceramic pots, do not soak them with chemical cleaners such as detergents to prevent chemicals from penetrating into the pores of the ceramic pot.

  The washed ceramic pot can be stored after the water is completely dry, otherwise the ceramic pot may grow black mold. Of course, when using ceramic pots, it is best to choose the products in the top ten cooking pot brands to ensure the quality of the pots and the delicious food.


Ceramic pot

  Ceramic pot maintenance method

  The ceramic pot should be cleaned immediately after each use. It can be cleaned with a fine sponge or a general cleaning agent. Metal brushes or detergents containing abrasives should not be used when cleaning ceramic pots, otherwise cracks may occur. Do not hold thick liquid for a long time, and do not wash it after soaking for a long time. If it is difficult to clean, it can be cleaned with special bleaching agent. After washing, add the water to the pot and boil it once more, then wash it once with water and air dry to avoid the bleaching agent remaining in the pot.

  After the ceramic pot is infiltrated with water, it is easy to mold. Therefore, after washing the ceramic pot, it should be thoroughly dried with a rag and then air-dried in a ventilated place. If it is useless for a long time, it should be taken out and ventilated twice a year. If the ceramic pot is moldy, add 8 minutes of water to the ceramic pot, then pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and then clean and mold.

  If you use a ceramic pot to hold the leftover food and put it in the refrigerator, the next time you heat it, remove the ceramic pot from the refrigerator, you should not put it directly on the gas stove to heat it. You should wait for the ceramic pot to return to the temperature and then put it on the fire. Avoid too much temperature difference and affect the service life.

  The above is about the use of ceramic pots and maintenance methods, I hope you understand the use of ceramic pots and maintenance methods, it is helpful to everyone.

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